seniorsSenior Classes

Our Senior Judo class meets on a Monday evening for High School Pupils, Teenagers and Adults from 8.00-9.30pm. Classes keep going through the school holidays (7:30-9:00pm).

Typically we have between 10 and 15 adults attending each session, with grades ranging from red belt (6th Kyu) to black belt (1st Dan or higher). The normal format for every session is normally a warm-up with stretching, standing or ground work work technique and some free practise (randori) which is an opportunity for participants to test their skills. On occasion we also learn about the traditional form of Judo, known as Kata.

Adult sessions are for all abilities with higher graded players very happy to impart their knowledge and skills to less experienced players. Gradings take place at least several times a year and coaching will be provided for players that want to attend competitions or prepare for their black belt.