536935_506938109365010_1493773077_nFocus Judo Club is one of the oldest in Scotland, having been founded by Bill Hislop in 1951. We have a history page which  describes how the club was formed and how Bill learnt his Judo.

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You are welcome to try a session of judo for free, before deciding if it’s for you. We suggest that you come along on a Monday evening to the Focus centre at one of the times listed. A jacket (Judogi) and belt will be available for beginners.  Please drop us a line using our contacts page to let us know that you are interested in trying Judo with us.  This will allow us to answer any questions that you might have and also make sure that you are properly introduced to Judo and our Club on Monday night.

For the first few classes, we will introduce you to the many aspects of Judo, which include the philosophy behind Judo, breakfallng safely (Ukemi), Throws (nage-waza) and holds (ne-waza).

All judokas (participants) who join the club must become members of Judo Scotland for insurance and to participate in gradings or competitions.  Once registered, you will receive a license book and red belt.